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2022学生注册表 Registration Form

本部分 10、 11、 12年级填写 Only for Grade 10 , 11 , 12:
只适用于新学生 For new student only


1. 阁下提供电邮地址,即表示同意接收日后我校发出的讯息及通知。
2. 学费请用借记卡 /支票支付 支票抬头请写 “The Chinese Academy 背面请写上学生英文姓名 升读
班级及电话号码。 支票若被银行退票,每张退票须付手续费 50元 。 现金支付需多付 5元 。
3. 全年学费一次过缴付,票面应写上当日注册之日期。 恕不接受期票。
4. 学生若要求退学,须在 2021年 9月 1日前以书面向本校申请 , 本校依章扣除 每位学生每 班 60元退位费,余
额将于四至六星期以支票退还。 学费不得转让或保留 。若于 2021年 9月 1日及以后申请退学,所交费用
本校依章不予退还 。 也不 予 保留作将来学费 。
5. 2021年 9月 1日 开始要求转班 将收取行政费 每 班 50元 。
6. 请保存已缴交之学费收据作报税用途,补发收据费用为 每张 10元。
7. 只适用于新学生 : 合资格的推荐人将获取 10元礼品卡 ,唯 被推荐注册之学生不可在 2021年 9月 1日之前退
学。本校将会以电邮通知合资格的推荐人到校务处领取该礼品卡 。
8. 亚省中文学校自建校以来,每年均提供助学金予有需要的学生。查询详情可以致电亚省中文学校校务处
403-777-7663。申请表格可于学校网址 www.chineseacademy.ca下载或于办公时间到校务处索取。
9. 如果学生通过其他学校完成课程而获得任何中文 10, 20或 30年级学分,他们则不符合 TCA IB奖学金的资
10. 幼儿园初班的最低年龄为 3.5岁。幼儿园高班的最低年龄为 4.5岁。

Payment Terms and Conditions

1. You agree that our school may send school messages and announcements to your email address.
2. Fees should be paid by Interac / cheque made payable to “The Chinese Academy Foundation”. Please write down the name of the student, class registered and the telephone number on the back of the cheque. All non-sufficient fund cheques are subject to a $50.00 fee each. Cash payment is subject to a $5 fee.
3. Payment must be completed in full during registration – Cheque should be dated the date of registration. A post-dated cheque is not accepted.
4. If a student submits a written withdrawal request prior to September 1, 2021, fees paid will be refunded by cheque in 4-6 weeks after a deduction of $60 withdrawal fee per student per class. Fees are non-transferable and cannot be kept for future use. No refund will be given on and after September 1, 2021.
5. A Transfer Fee of $50 will be charged for each class transfer beginning September 1, 2021.
6. Please keep the official school fee receipt(s) for the 2021 tax return. Replacement costs $10 per receipt. 7. For New Student only: In order for the referee to qualify for the $10 gift card, the referred registered student shall not withdraw before September 1, 2021. A qualified referee will be able to collect a gift card from our office beginning October.
8. Bursaries are available for students with financial needs. Please download the application form from our website or request an application form from our office.
9. If a student has received any Chinese 10, 20, or 30 level credits through a course challenge or course completion at another school, they do not qualify for TCA IB Chinese Scholarship.
10. Minimum age for Kindergarten 1 is 3.5 years old. The minimum age for Kindergarten 2 is 4.5 years old.

学费 Tuition:

资料如有更改将不作另行通告 Information subject to change without prior notice

班 别 Grades 主流 班及 CSL班 Mainstream Class and CSL Class 2021年 4月 30日或之前注册 Register on or before April 30, 2021 2021年 5月 1日至 6月 30日 Register between May 1, 2021 and June 30, 2021 2021年 6月 30日或之后注册 Register on or after June 30, 2021
非毕业班 (幼初、一至五、七、八、 十、十一年级) Non-Graduating Class (Kindergarten 1, Grade 1-5, 7-8, 10-11) $375 $395 $415
毕业班 (幼高、六、九、十二年级 Graduating Class (Kindergarten 2, Grade 6, 9, 12) $405 $425 $445
幼高升一年级 Grade 1 returning from Kindergarten 2 $325 $345 $365
IB拓展论文 IB Extended Essay $200 $220 $220
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